To ensure that no child is unable to attend St. Bonaventure’s College because of inability to pay, the Bursary Program provides financial assistance towards tuition. The school receives no government funding, and therefore this program must be funded from outside sources separate from student tuition fees. Each year substantial awards allow many families who would not otherwise be able, to send their children to St. Bonaventure’s College. Currently, approximately 1 in 11 students receive benefits from this program.

Donations to the Bursary Program can be made through the Ignatius Society, Xavier Society or Direct Gifts.

Applying to the Bursary Program

St. Bonaventure’s College has a Bursary program to provide financial assistance towards the cost of tuition for those in need. Application can be made through the President’s Office. The identities of successful recipients are kept confidential. The Bursary Program is designed to ensure that no child is unable to attend the school because of inability to pay the full tuition fee. It allows families of all income levels an opportunity to attend the school.

The Bursary Program is funded separate and apart from any tuition fees paid by the parents. All money comes from individual and collective sources outside the school.

For information regarding the Bursary Program or to apply, please e-mail

FACTS about the Bursary Program

  • The St. Bon’s Bursary fund is OPEN TO ALL students. Awards are based on financial need, which must be demonstrated to an independent committee.
  • The INDEPENDENT SELECTION COMMITTEE operates at arms-length from the school and sets its own policies and procedures for selection. No employees of the school are members of the committee.
  • ALL MONEY disbursed for bursary assistance is raised for that specific purpose.
  • NO TUITION paid by parents goes toward bursary assistance.
  • All financial information submitted for adjudication is treated as CONFIDENTIAL.
  • All bursary recipients are required to PAY SOMETHING toward tuition. This is determined by the selection committee.
  • Each Jesuit school is entrusted to offer a bursary program for students in financial need.