—What did you learn today? —

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What did you learn today?

It’s an age-old question, asked by parents every day. A question usually answered with a shrug. Or a mumbled "nothing." 

But what if we told you it’s possible to get a better answer? 

At St. Bon’s, our students are taught social justice and leadership alongside science and math. We practice gratitude and respect the same way we practice our times tables. Clubs, music, and sports? Just as important as studying for exams. 

We’ve learned that when you encourage critical thinking, compassion, and curiosity, academic excellence is inevitable. Just ask our students, who are among the top performing in the province.

Now, isn’t that something?

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We believe in good

It’s true: We’re a Catholic school named after a saint, teaching in the Jesuit tradition. 

It’s also true that you don’t have to be Catholic to go here. You can believe in any religion. We respect all beliefs. 

There’s only one thing that every St Bon’s student, parent, and teacher must believe in:


We believe in sharing the same principles of community, compassion, and social justice. 

By celebrating our differences and focusing on values, intellectual curiosity, and creativity, our students will develop into good people who will do great things.

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We’ve learned a lot in the past 167 years. 

We learned that good people make good students.

Our philosophy of developing the whole child means that our students are bound for success. St. Bon’s has produced the most Rhodes Scholars of any K-12 school in Canada and in 2022 our graduating students had a 100% university acceptance rate and were awarded $600,000 in scholarships. Not bad.

We learned when to toot our own horn.

Like when we talk about our music program. With choral and instrumental groups, and world-renowned conductors for both, ours is one of the most comprehensive in Newfoundland and Labrador.

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We learned teamwork is just as important as homework.

Good people make good sports. That’s why teamwork, integrity, positive attitudes, and an active lifestyle are introduced to our students through our long list of athletics for all ages and skill levels.  

Learn more about our athletics program

We learned that extracurriculars should be part of the curriculum.

100% of our students participate in at least one extracurricular program such as yoga, social justice, debate club, gardening, choir, band, beekeeping, and art, to name a few. Because we know that not all learning happens in the classroom.

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We learned that the community is the best classroom.

Our students volunteer more than 24,000 hours every year – with our high school students each having at least 90 hours of volunteer time. Some of our community initiatives benefit The Gathering Place, the community food bank, and senior citizens who are learning technology. We’d call that time well spent, wouldn't you?  

We learned that success comes in small packages.

Being a small school with small class sizes allows for individualized attention – which gives our teachers more capacity and time to focus on individual strengths and weaknesses, enabling them to tailor their teaching to specific student needs. By staying small, we are able to see the big picture for big success.

We learned differences make us stronger.

We foster a safe and inclusive environment for all with a culture of respect and belonging. We teach our students the importance of social justice and global citizenship – and we try to live by example. Last year we welcomed 12 Ukrainian students with the help of our bursary program, which is also available to assist local families.  

We learned when to go XTREME.

Our first hockey team was formed in 1899, so we’ve logged a lot of ice time. And now, we’ve partnered with XTREME HOCKEY for the new St. Bon’s Hockey Program, the only of its kind in the province. With expert coaches (including ex-NHL players), the program offers intensive hockey training for boys and girls at our on-campus rink as part of the school day. Keep your stick on the ice.

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 What did you

learn today?

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