Farm To Cafeteria Canada

St. Bonaventure’s College is the pioneering school in Newfoundland Labrador for the Farm to Cafeteria Canada (F2CC) program (see here for more details F2CC seeks to connect local farmers with schools to provide locally grown, sustainable vegetables and fruits to students, teachers and the wider school community. At St. Bonaventure’s College we are partnered with Lester’s Farm Market ( and our school food service provider, Chartwell’s, to provide a twice weekly salad bar. In season, Lester’s Farm Market provides all the vegetables and fruits for our program. The F2CC program also educates students about where their food is grown, the conditions under which it’s grown and to develop a relationship with the farmers who grow it. As such, we are undertaking field trips to Lester’s Farm Market with students in a variety of class and grade levels.

Finally, the St. Bonaventure’s College F2CC program makes use of the school Nutrition class to help prepare the vegetables and fruit (as well as parent volunteers), and student and parent volunteers are on hand to prep, deliver the salad and clean-up.