As part of our Strategic Plan, we have completed a realignment of the functions of the President’s and Principal’s Office operation.  This brings our school leadership team in line with other Jesuit schools throughout Canada and the United States.  Below you will find a delineation of roles and responsibilities of these offices.  This is a draft document which is being piloted this year with plans to evaluate at the conclusion of the academic year.


(School Board)

Reports to Board of Governors

  • Apostolic & institutional leadership
  • CEO
  • Strategic planning
  • Human Resources (Salaries, Contracts)
  • Facilities (Capital Improvements)
  • Finance / Budgets
  • Bursary Program
  • Fundraising
  • Communication
  • Advancement
  • Alumni Affairs
  • Stakeholder Engagement (KofC, CWL, etc.)
  • Board of Governors
  • Liaison with Jesuits, Archbishop, JSN, ISN, PASE, Jesuit schools in Canada & US, etc.

Direct Reports: Principal, Senior Director of Advancement, Chief Financial Officer



Reports to President

  • Apostolic & institutional leadership
  • COO
  • Academic staff (PD, Formation, Evaluation, Discipline)
  • Academic Program (all subjects)
  • Professional Development (All PD)
  • Teacher/classroom assignment
  • Teacher resources
  • Athletics
  • Admissions
  • Extracurricular
  • Student Council
  • Student travel
  • Ceremonies & celebrations
  • Discipline
  • Dress Code / Uniform Shop
  • Counselling / Guidance
  • Campus Ministry
  • Liaison with Department of Education, JSN, Jesuit schools in Canada & US, etc.
  • Maintenance (Daily)
  • OH&S

Direct Reports: Assistant Principals; Administrative Assistant, Campus Ministry, Maintenance, Technology.