What is it that makes St. Bonaventure’s College the special place that it is?  When that question is posed to our students the frequent response is, “I feel at home.”  “The teachers care about me and so do my fellow students.”  “I enjoy coming to a place where learning is valued.”  “We are taught the difference between right and wrong and we love and respect each other.”  At the heart of this College is Jesus Christ.  He is our role model and our students see in him the perfect example of being a “Man or Women for and with Others.”

What makes St. Bonaventure’s College special are the people – the students, staff, parents, grandparents, alumni, supporters and benefactors.   We are joined in common purpose to strive to achieve the Jesuit Charism of “cura personalis,” which means, “care for the entire person.”   This is the hallmark of our College.   We are an inviting, welcoming and diverse group of learners who provide an environment where each student can achieve, “human excellence.”

At St. Bonaventure’s College our focus is on forming confident young men and women of intellectual competence, who possess the conscience to make enlightened decisions, who are compassionate for others and who are committed to a just global society.  We strive to transform our students to be, “Men and Women for and with Others.”

I believe our graduates leave here and go out into the world imbued with these values necessary to contribute positively to their families and their communities.  This is the Jesuit, Ignatian way and it is our way.   We hope our students will live the Jesuit ideal of seeking the “Magis,” the greater, for the glory of God.

The future is bright with increased enrollment, new programs and opportunities, renewing connections to the global Jesuit family of schools and apostolates, exciting spiritual formation opportunities and examining construction options to expand our footprint.

I pray that your families continue to be filled with Grace and that each of us continue to receive God’s abundant Blessings.

A Great Place To Be.

President’s Report