The Junior/ Senior High Physical Education program at St. Bonaventure’s College is geared towards both physical literacy as well as a lifelong enjoyment of physical activity. Students participate in a variety of activities to meet the outcomes required for intemediate and secondary Physical Education. These include Alternate Activities, Court and Field Activities, Fitness Pursuits, Leadership/Cooperative Activities, Outdoor Activities and Rhythmic Activities. Outcomes are met through participation in a wide variety of organized sport, structured physical activitiy and guided discovery. Some examples of sports and activities which could be covered during the course of the year include: Soccer, Ultimate Frisbee, Rugby, Volleyball, Basketball, Skating, Orienteering, Hockey and Outdoor survival skills. Outings are planned with students as well such as rock climbing, swimming, a ski trip as well as an overnight wilderness excursion.

It is important to note however that the curriculum is not met by playing sports. The Physical Education program at St. Bonaventure’s College uses the ‘TGfU’ model. The ‘Teaching Games for Understanding’ approach uses game-based learning experiences to help students with skill development and cognitive awareness while in a specific game situation. The basis of this model allows students to think both for themselves and on their feet while participating in an activity. It encourages students to choose the correct cognitive and motor action at the appropriate time to accomplish a particular task. Upon completion of this activity, the student is then encouraged to reflect on his or her performance.

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