The goal of the St. Bonaventure’s College Oratorical Program is to offer students another opportunity to develop and refine their speaking, listening, reading and writing. Students select their own topic which they then research in order gain insight into a contemporary issue. Students synthesize their research into a clear, focused argument or interpretation which becomes the foundation of a crafted written speech presented to an audience for competition. This process emphasizes both elements of effective writing and delivery. Through this students learn to appreciate the various ways in which an audience may respond to crafted and spoken word.

This program contributes to the English Department’s goals of cultivating her/his own affective and rational processes of mind, refining her/his speech, and coming to the appreciation of beauty which will help her/him be a person among people, more ready and capable of serving others with self-confidence, intelligence, and grace.

Some titles from previous Oratorical Competitions include:
My Read on Social Justice: Little Things Make a Big Difference

The Bumblebee Effect

What Are Your Words Worth?

The Bystander Effect

David Versus Goliath: Does the Little One Ever Win?

Take that Mic and Shoot Me

Just Being Me

2015 Grade Level Winners

2015 Oratorical Competitors