At St Bonaventure’s College, Campus Ministry goes far beyond the traditional view of Chaplaincy within a Catholic School. The Campus Ministry program at St. Bon’s promotes students becoming complete individuals who, not only learn about their faith, but who also learn to turn their faith into action for the betterment of society.

Student’s at St. Bon’s develop their Christian faith and spirituality in three major ways throughout the school year. Firstly, all students study some form of the Catholic faith within their curriculum from the first day of Kindergarten until their graduation from High School. Secondly, students participate in various retreat programs that range from a half a day to four days in length. These retreats focus on some form of personal development, guided by the principles of the Gospels and the teachings of Ignatius of Loyola. Finally, students participate in the different liturgies that are offered during the school year. Whether it be one of the daily morning masses held in the Chapel before school, or larger liturgies held at the Basilica on special days during the year, all students are invited and encouraged to not just attend, but to assist in the rich liturgies offered for the school community.

While St. Bon’s students are being taught and grounded in the Catholic tradition, they are also called to assist in the community that they are a part of. Senior students all participate in the Christian Service Program, which places students in the community to complete volunteer work, such as tutoring at a community centre or helping at a local food bank. All students are asked to care for the environment by composting throughout the year and helping with the garden that is set up on campus, with all food being donated to a local food bank. There are many other activities and events that the students at St. Bon’s are involved into to help further the cause of Social Justice within our world and by looking at the various links on our website you will be able to keep up to date with what the students at St. Bon’s are doing to help make our world a better and more Christ-like place.