Each year St. Bonaventure’s College admits exceptional young men and women who possess great intellectual, athletic and artistic talent.  We place them and their classmates in the capable hands of dedicated teachers and staff and all of us, together, undertake the great task of transforming their God-given talents and abilities in order for each of them to become men and women of competence, conscience, compassion and commitment.  This is done in a nurturing environment where0 care for the whole child, or the Latin “cura personalis,” is paramount.

Part of St. Bonaventure’s College mission is to offer a diverse community that focuses on care of the whole child.   To achieve this, we must offer a variety of programs and opportunities for our students.  This at times can be a challenge with a small school population, particularly at the high school level.  To help cultivate a more diverse community and richer programs, we are establishing the St. Bonaventure’s College Alumni Scholarship.

The St. Bonaventure’s College Alumni Scholarship will give incoming high school students, regardless of their families’ ability to pay the full tuition, the opportunity to attend the school.   Interested students will be responsible to initiate the application.  In its initial year, this scholarship will be given to new students transferring to St. Bonaventure’s College for high school, who exhibit, in priority (1) financial need (2) academic ability, (3) commitment to service and (4) athletic talent.  It is anticipated, in future years, the scholarship will be offered to students who show talent in other areas in addition to athletics.

The scholarship amount awarded to each student will range from 50% to 75% of the current tuition fees. There will be two committees that will over see this scholarship. The first committee will over see the fundraising and promotion of the scholarship.  A second committee will be responsible for the selection of recipients. These committees shall operate at “arms length” from each other.  The members of the selection committee will remain anonymous, and will follow a confidential process in determining the recipients.  This is being done in order to maintain confidentiality with financial information and tax returns which will be adjudicated during the process.  Both committees will be appointed by the President and will act independently of each other.  A person cannot be a member of both committees.

Any student considered for a scholarship would have to meet the school’s entrance requirements that are determined exclusively by the school’s administration.

The term of the scholarship would be for 2 (Entering in Grade 11)  or 3 years (Entering in Grade 10).

Fundraising for this initiative will be managed through the President’s Office and compliment the existing work associated with the Strategic Plan and the College’s long term goal to launch a capital campaign.

Applications for the Alumni Scholarship are accepted throughout the academic year.


To apply, candidates for admission must submit the following:

      1. Complete the application (download the application here) with supporting financial and tax documents.
      1. Most recent copy of their academic transcript.
      1. A letter, of not less than 300 words, describing their reasons for applying.
      1. A resume of their achievements to date.


For further information concerning the application process, please contact:


726-0024 Ext. 202

For further information on how to donate to this fund, please contact:

Ms. Jessica Whalen ’04

Alumni Relations Officer


726-0024 Ext 226