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St. Bonaventure’s College’s Alumnus of the Year Award recognizes an outstanding graduate whose contributions have notably improved both their profession and community.

The recipient is a well-rounded person who is intellectually competent, open to growth, religious, loving and committed to justice in the generous service to the people of God.

They enrich the lives of others through their leadership, shared knowledge, creativity and innovation and they inspire alumni, students, faculty and staff.

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The Magis Award for Young Alumni honours a young alumnus with a record of extraordinary professional, community or academic achievement.

The recipient is a young adult who has continued to include religion in their lives, is intellectually competent, loving and open to growth. Following the teachings of St. Bonaventure’s College these alumni remain committed to justice in the generous service of the people of God. Recipients of the award will be 30 years of age or younger as of the close of nominations for the Awards.

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The Alumnus of the Year Award and the Magis Award are presented annually at the Alumni Dinner held in the fall of the year.

Alumnus of the Year Nomination Form

Magis Award for Young Alumni Nomination Form

If you have any questions concerning the Alumnus of the Year and Magis Awards please contact:

Ms. Dana Norman

Advancement Assistant