On October 3rd our students received this video message. Their mission is to collect $30,000 for this school year’s Walkathon to help complete the renovations made to the new learning spaces in Holland Hall and Mullock Hall.

This year our students will work in teams to achieve their mission. On the day of the Walkathon they will wear their team colours (fun accessories are encouraged). The teams are:

    • Team Pink: Kindergarten and Grade 1
    • Team Purple: Grade 2 and Grade 3
    • Team Green: Grade 4s
    • Team Orange: Grade 5 and Grade 6
    • Team Baby Blue: Grade 7 and Grade 10
    • Team Bubblegum Pink: Grade 8 and Grade 11
    • Team Rugged Green: Grade 9 and Grade 12

The St. Bonaventure’s College Walkathon is an annual fundraiser to support a variety of curricular initiatives. This year’s Walkathon will take place on Friday, October 21st.

To encourage our student to reach their goal of $30,000, we have created a new prize structure. You can review the prize structure HERE.

The funds raised will allow us to cover the costs of renovations to the new learning spaces, such as electrical, lighting, new flooring, and painting as well as additional technology that is needed to make the spaces fully functional and inviting for our students.

We are encouraging families to use a Fundraising Page to collect pledges. Donations can be made by credit card and receipts are immediately generated electronically.

Creating a page is simple, click on the link HERE, then click the Create Your Walkathon Page button and follow the steps.

If you would like to use the paper pledge form you may do so; however, we ask that you send in one cheque for the full amount of the pledges collected to reduce the handling of cash by our staff. The pledge form can be downloaded HERE.

Thank you to everyone in advance for your support.