The St. Bonaventure’s College Model United Nations delegation has twice captured best delegation at the Memorial University Model United Nations event (2012, 2015), and students have repeatedly been lauded for their individual contributions. Students who are interested in politics, history, current events, debate and theatre are encouraged to attend. The Model UN offers students an opportunity not only to learn about the working dynamics of the United Nations, but empowers them to make decisions with peers from schools across Newfoundland Labrador. Students are tasked with learning about the countries they represent, developing a cohesive delegation plan at the Model UN and articulating themselves before peers and moderators in their situation rooms. Examples of previous situation rooms include the Darfur Crisis, Climate Change, intellectual property rights regarding generic pharmaceutical drugs, the Ebola Crisis and more besides.In the past, students in Canadian History 1201, Newfoundland Studies 2205 and World History 3201 are encouraged to attend.