COVID-19 Guidelines for SBHSA

Please Note: Changes may be required as public health regulations evolve. Our community will be notified of any changes as soon as possible.

In keeping with the public health regulations put forth by the Chief Medial Officer, the following guidelines are in place for the 2020-21 SBHSA program:

Please ensure that you read the guidelines below and discuss them with your child(ren):

  • Students will arrive through the main doors and use the hand sanitizer provided. Students must sign in to allow for contact tracing if necessary.
  • Masks are required for entering and leaving the Forum. Once the players are in the locker room, they can remove their mask. Parents MUST keep their face mask on if they are not able to keep 6 feet apart.
  • Only ONE parent per child can stay inside the rink.
  • Each student will be assigned a locker room to use for the duration of the program.
  • Water bottles MUST be labelled with their names.
  • NO food will be permitted in the Forum.
  • Showers will not be permitted after the session.
  • Students must leave the Forum at 7:50am for the first session and 8:50m for the second session to allow for the space to be sanitized. This MUST be adhered to.
  • After the session participants will leave through a different marked door.

St. Bonaventure’s College is proud to offer the St. Bon’s Hockey Skills Academy (SBHSA).

This program will accept students from Grades 4-12 with the mission to develop player skills through on ice training.  It is important to note that this program is designed to enhance individual skills and should not be mistaken for a ‘learn to play’ program.

The students will be divided into sections based primarily on their grade, with a slight consideration given to individual skill level. Additionally, the number of players within each group will depend on the quantity of participants for each grade level.

On-Ice Training

Students will participate in two SBHSA sessions per week. The sessions will take place at The Forum, located on our campus.  Each session is scheduled for 50 minutes of instruction.

The sessions are designed to develop the skills most required by the players. The program is skill based, so there will be little emphasis on strategic or game play. However, the skills training provided will be necessary for executing the strategic plays in a game. Each group will have their own curriculum that will be tailored to ensure maximum athletic and skill development. Every week the program will focus on ensuring the basic skills of skating, passing, shooting, and stick handling are being practiced. The sessions will be designed in such a way that we will always be building on the previous week’s foundation.

In addition to ensuring individual skills are the emphasis of the program, there will also be a focus on small area games (2-on-2 down low, 3-on-3 neutral zone, etc.) to give players the opportunity to try these new skills in game-type situations. This is where players will have the opportunity to combine all four basic skills and the liberty to be creative and have fun!

Not only will this program focus on skill development for players, but it will also have a goaltending component as well. The approach taken will be similar to that of the players’ skill development – emphasis will be developing a goaltender’s basic skills of lateral movement, body control, rebound control and ice awareness. This aspect of the program will follow a curriculum that is being utilized by some of the top NHL goalies in the game today.

The program is a great asset to the school day for the students and the extra physical exercise is no doubt a benefit to the players. In short, the program is designed to emphasize overall athletic development for kids of all ages while ensuring they are having fun doing it!

Junior Coach Program

SBHSA offers a junior coaching program to students in Grade 9 and above. This will provide students the opportunity to not only participate in the program with their age group, but to also help out and coach the younger age groups at least once a week. The hours that students accumulate during this program can be used towards the 30 volunteer hours required for Career Development 2201, and a certification of completion will also be presented.
If your child is interested in participating in Junior Coach program, please contact Mr. Stan Cook Jr.

Stan Cook Jr. ’84 – Program Coordinator

Mr. Stan Cook Jr. ’84 will once again be the Program Coordinator for SBHSA. Stan Cook Jr. has been coaching various sports since he was 12 years old when he completed his National Level 1 coaching certificate. Stan began coaching hockey at his father’s hockey school in the 1980’s and continues to coach to this day.

Stan has been a head coach with dozens of teams at various levels of competition, age groups and associations. Besides hockey, he has coached basketball, soccer, tennis, volleyball, and lacrosse for many years.

As a proud St. Bon’s Alumnus, Stan is very excited to help guide the next group of students to successful life through hard work and achievement on the ice.

Registration Information

Discipline and Behaviour

Student participants will abide by all school regulations concerning discipline and general deportment while participating in the SBHSA.  The Program Coordinator is a member of the St. Bon’s staff and as such shall be treated accordingly.


The 2020-21 fee will be $975.  This fee will include all instruction, ice time, program equipment, and supplies.

2020/21 Schedule 

The tentative start date for SBHSA is October 13th (dependent on ice being down in The Forum).

SBHSA will take place on Tuesdays and Wednesdays at The Forum, located on campus.

The schedule will be as follows:

6:50 am Session: Grades 7 & up*

8:00 am Session: Grades 4-6

*As this session ends before students can go to their homerooms, we have arranged for these students to be supervised in the Aula Maxima until 8:15 am. Students can leave campus but must be back by 8:45 am for homeroom.

Hockey Bags/Equipment 

Students can leave their hockey bags and equipment in the hallway of the Forum. Students can retrieve their bags once the school day concludes.


The SBHSA Registration Form for the 2020-21 school year, can be found here.  Please return the form by the due date with payment arrangements.  For further information about payment please contact Dana Norman at or (709) 726-0024, ext. 228.


If you have any other questions, please feel free to contact Mr. Stan Cook Jr., Program Coordinator at