The following is an overview of plans for 2022/2023 that will strengthen our programs and supports to ensure our students receive an education that focuses on the whole person in their pursuit of academic excellence.

Mullock Hall Staffing 2022/2023

Mr. Bridon – Junior/Senior High Physical Education; Athletic Director

Mr. Butt – French 7 and 9, Religion 9, Philosophy 12, Technology 9, Communication Technology

Ms. Etchegary – Instrumental Music Program, 4-12

Mr. Genest – French 8

Mr. Gosse – Math 1201, 2200, 2201, 3200, 3201, 3208

Mr. Green – Science 1206, Chemistry 2202, 3202 and AP, Physics 2204 and 3204

Ms. Hull – Junior High Mathematics

Ms. Mallay – French 1200

Mr. Martino – English 1201

Ms. Matthews – Junior High Science, Biology 2201, Biology 3201

Mr. Murray – Technology 7 and 8, Religion 7 and 8, World Religions and Ethics

Mr. Parab – Junior High ELA

Mr. Peters – Junior High Social Studies, Newfoundland Studies

Ms. Walsh – English 2201, 3201, Careers, Socials 2201, 3201 and Writing

Dr. Barry – Psychologist Consultant

Ms. O’Neill – Guidance Consultant

New Academic Departments:

Emphasizing Collaboration and Inter-Disciplinary Thinking

Collaboration and fostering inter-disciplinary problem-based academic study is the imperative behind the reorganization of our academic departments in Mullock Hall.

New Department Heads will foster new cross-curricular collaborations in both Junior and Senior High. From project and problem-based learning to new collaborations with MUN for onsite learning in the sciences, many new initiatives are already being prepared for next year.

Imagine how a coordinated approach in Biology, Chemistry, English, Socials and Music could open up multiple ways of exploring what it means to talk about “identity.” Imagine how looking at “bees and their movement” in Biology, Socials and Math could open up real-world problems, and problem-solving, in new and creative ways. These are just two examples of the direction that a creative, dynamic, inter-disciplinary approach to learning can take in Junior and Senior High at St. Bon’s.

Collaboration, Social-Emotional Learning and Student Formation

In addition to Family Groups, which bring K-12 students together in student-led “families” that build rapport, mentoring and leadership, next year Mullock Hall students will have new opportunities to work in Jr/Sr cross-grade cohorts.

These cohorts will present new relationship-building opportunities that will allow teachers to intentionally engage in targeted social-emotional learning skills that will help foster student independence.

These cohorts will work and reflect together to create and plan for their own “Experience Week” Service Projects. Moving from thinking, to planning, to actioning a service project will give students leadership and voice in becoming agents of change in our city and culture.

This process will bring the Ignatian Pedagogical Paradigm (IPP) into the concrete experience for students as they consider Context, Experience and Reflect on working together to plan and coordinate a project, decide on and carry out an Action for their Service, and the Evaluate it at the end.

New Learning Space

A new learning space is being created and developed in Mullock Hall for Grade 7-12 students. This new space will blend learning common spaces with makerspace resources and opportunities so that students have available to them a wide assortment of tech and non-tech tools and machines that they might need to build, hack, fix, create or model solutions for just about any kind of project.

These new spaces will help our students to further develop creative, hands-on problem solving and foundational reasoning and build critical skills in fields such as science, technology, engineering, and math.

We also have exciting changes happening in Kindergarten to Grade 6. To see the plans we have in store please click HERE.

We are excited for these changes and the benefits they will bring for our students.