Application Process for Grade 1-Grade 12

1.     Those wishing to apply to St. Bonaventure’s College are asked to submit an application form along with a $150 non-refundable application fee (per applicant).  Applications for Grades 1-12 must be accompanied by a copy of your child’s most current report card and a copy of the final report card for the last school year completed.

2.     Applications will be reviewed by members of the Admissions Office.

3.     An interview with the student applicant is completed

4.    The Admissions Office accepts or declines the application.

5.     The Admissions Officer will notify parents of the decision.

6.     Upon acceptance, a registration form will be sent to parents. Registration forms must be returned within two (2) weeks from the date received along with a $1,000 non-refundable deposit.

Grade 1-12 Application Form

Application Process for Kindergarten

Those wishing to apply to St. Bonaventure’s College for Kindergarten are asked to submit an Application form along with a $150 non-refundable application fee (per applicant) 18 months prior to your child is scheduled to start Kindergarten. Please note: As prescribed by the Department of Education, students entering Kindergarten must be five years old by December 31st of the year they begin Kindergarten. A Kinderstart Information Session for Parents is held in October. There are four Kinderstart Sessions (November, January, March May). Decisions regarding admissions are made after the January Kinderstart session. Registration forms are sent to families on February 1 and must be returned along with a $1000 non-refundable deposit to secure seat by February 28.

Kindergarten Application Form

For information regarding Admissions please contact Carol Noseworthy by email or phone 709-726-0024, ext. 201

For information on the Bursary Program please click here

Application Process for International Students

International students wishing to apply to St. Bonaventure’s College are asked to contact one of the following agents:

Newfoundland International Studies Ltd. – Ms. Elizabeth Vincent at


Newfoundland International Students Education Program – Mr. Mark Ward at