Staff, students and any essential visitors are required to review our daily Covid self-screening questionnaire and ensure their answer is no to all of the questions. The self screening questionnaire can be found HERE.

If a student answer yes to any of the questions in the self-screening questionnaire, they are not to attend school and should use the COVID-19 Self-Assessment Tool

If a student has 2 or more symptoms related to COVID-19, parents are to contact Public Health at 811. Public Health will provide direction on next steps, including self-isolation of other household members and when the student may return to school. Public Health is in the best position to help parents evaluate a child’s illness and help generate a return to school plan. Public Health direction should be followed to ensure the safety of all.  

Please note: each time your child is unwell, you must contact Public Health as directions may change and evolve based on the current COVID-19 situation in the province. 

When a child is required to self-isolate, we ask parents to contact Ms. Annette Mallay at and the student’s homeroom teacher, to advise of the return to school plan as directed by Public Health.  

When a student is absent, they are to visit their class’ Moodle site to stay up to date on their academic work.  For an extended absence that requires a plan for maintaining pace with academics, parents can contact Mr. David Martino at