We held our SBC Cash Lottery draw yesterday (Wednesday, January 15, 2020). The winning tickets were drawn by Brother Joe Frechette, and witnessed by Krystal Holwell and Shelley Martin.

The winners are:

1st Prize ($10,000): Lori King Ticket #09201, Ticket Seller: Ella Parsons ($500 Prize)

2nd Prize ($2,000): Ray Cadigan Ticket #11114, Ticket Seller: Raj Sancheti ($200 Prize)

3rd Prize ($1,000): Sharon Burry Ticket #13842, Ticket Seller: Carrie Milks ($100 Prize)

Top Sellers:

1st: Bon Fagan ($500 Prize)

2nd: Jorja Breen ($300 Prize)

Thank you to everyone that sold and purchased tickets for this important fundraiser. After prizes and expenses are paid, we will net over $35,000 for the school.