To help streamline the administrative process, the Finance Committee has approved the establishment of a One-time Annual School Fee. This will consolidate the various mandatory fees that parents have to pay. This will include classroom fees, consumable fees, most field trip fees, etc. This fee will NOT cover optional activities such as extra-curricular activities, band and sport team or special field trips. As a result, there are no fees listed on the supply lists. Parents  will be notified via memo in early September of the amount due per child for the entire School Year.

Click on the links below for Supply Lists for Kindergarten to Grade 6.

Kindergarten Supply List

Grade 1 Supply List

Grade 2 Supply List

Grade 3 Supply List

Grade 4 Supply List

Grade 5 Supply List

Grade 6 Supply List

***There are no required class supply list for grades 7-12 for the 2019/20 school year.