On Wednesday, June 26th, our Grade 7-10 students celebrated a successful 2018-2019 school year with a special Awards Ceremony. Thank you to the Principal’s Office staff for the flawless ceremony. Each student was recognized for their strengths, but we would like to recognize the recipients of the 7-10 Special Awards.

Pascal Math Award: Ashton Greenland ’22

Cayley Math Award: Peter Cho ’21

Paul Roberts Jr. High Music Award for Band: Jasmine Bridger ’23

Paul Roberts Jr. High Music Award for Choir: Ella Parsons ’22

Jr. High School Sports Sportsmanship Awards: Mijan Oyet ’21 and Michael Mallay ’21

Thompson Cup Jr. High Athletes of the Year: Ashlyn Miller ’22 and Finlay Stephen ’22

Jack Harris Award for Environmental Leadership: Liam French ’22

Judge Cyril Fox Memorial Prize for Newfoundland History: Veronica Sawyer ’23

Jr. Phoenix Award (for excellence in academics and involvement in school activities): Ben Tehrani ’22

St. Ignatius of Loyola Award (for commitment to helping others): Ashlyn Miller ’22

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