Eight (8) candidates have been nominated for this year’s St. Bonaventure’s College Board of Governors. Because the number of nominations exceeds the vacant Governor positions, an election will be held. We will be using mail-in ballots to vote this year. Ballots for the election will be sent home with the children with a series of marked and unmarked return envelopes on Friday, May 10, to be returned by Wednesday May 15, 3:00pm to the youngest child’s homeroom teacher. More information on the voting process will be sent out in the near future.

The eight (8) candidates who have been nominated for the three (3) Board of Governors positions are (click on name for photo and biography):

1. Mr. Rob Blackie

2. Mr. Steve Bragg

3. Ms. Dana Feltham

4. Ms. Nancy Healey

5. Mr. Michael Holden

6. Dr. Jerry McGrath

7. Mr. Mark Stephen

8. Mr. Shaun White


On behalf of the Board of Governors I want to thank all individuals for putting their names on the ballot.

All the best,

Kirby Shannahan
Nominations Committee