Mr. Gary Browne, on behalf of the Galbraiths, presents the cheque for the Thomas Nangle Memorial Bursary to Mr. Tom McGrath

Dr. Neil & Mrs. Mavourneen (Nangle) Galbraith during their September 2017 visit

Over the course of the school’s history there have been many extraordinary graduates, but none more revered than Thomas Nangle (1896 – 1972). In 2016, Thomas Nangle was designated by the Government of Canada as a Person of National Historic Significance for his selfless service to the Royal Newfoundland Regiment and the people of Newfoundland, and his extraordinary efforts to commemorate the sacrifice of all those who served and died in World War I. St. Bon’s erected a plaque in his honour at the entrance to the campus, which was unveiled by Nangle’s daughter in September 2017.

On January 17, 2019, our President, Tom McGrath, announced the establishment  of the Lt. Col. (Padre) Thomas Nangle, C.F. Memorial Bursary by Dr. Neil and Mrs. Mavourneen (Nangle) Galbraith, son-in-law and daughter of Thomas Nangle. This bursary, launched at a value of $48,002.34, will be a living tribute to Thomas Nangle. This amount represents the funds that Nangle raised for the construction of the National War Memorial in St. John’s in 1922. The Galbraiths currently reside in New South Wales, Australia and were unable to attend today’s announcement, but Dr. Galbraith recorded a message that was played for the guests in attendance.

This bursary will be awarded each year to a deserving student who has qualified for financial assistance and who displays attributes of leadership and athleticism and is pursuing a high school graduation.

“We are honoured that of all the possibilities the family could donate or support in this province – it is Thomas Nangle’s school that they chose to commemorate their father,” said McGrath

“On behalf of the Board of Governors, I would like to thank the Galbraith’s for this transformative donation to the Endowment Fund,” remarked Nancy Healey, Chair – Board of Governors.

Further details regarding the Lt. Col. (Padre) Thomas Nangle, C.F. Memorial Bursary can be viewed here.

Present for today’s announcement were:

  • His Grace, Archbishop Martin Currie
  • Vicar General, Father Cecil Critch
  • Deputy Chief (Retired) Gary Browne, a Nangle Biographer and St. Bon’s Alumnus
  • Lt. Col. Kyle Strong, representing the The Royal Newfoundland Regiment
  • Mr. Frank Sullivan, the Immediate Past President of the Royal Canadian Legion
  • Ms. Nancy Healey, St. Bonaventure’s College Chair, Board of Governors
  • Mr. Tom McGrath, St. Bonaventure’s College President
  • Ms. Annette Mallay, St. Bonaventure’s College Principal
  • Members of the Board of Governors
  • Members of the St. Bonaventure’s College administration



FACTS about the Bursary Program

  • The St. Bon’s Bursary fund is OPEN TO ALL students. Awards are based on financial need, which must be demonstrated to an independent committee.
  • The INDEPENDENT SELECTION COMMITTEE operates at arms-length from the school and sets its own policies and procedures for selection. No employees of the school are members of the committee.
  • ALL MONEY disbursed for bursary assistance is raised for that specific purpose.
  • NO TUITION paid by parents goes toward bursary assistance.
  • All financial information submitted for adjudication is treated as CONFIDENTIAL.
  • All bursary recipients are required to PAY SOMETHING toward tuition. This is determined by the selection committee.
  • Each Jesuit school is entrusted to offer a bursary program for students in financial need


If you would like to make a donation to the Thomas Nangle Memorial Bursary, you can do so online here. Please choose Bursary Endowment, and note in the In Memoriam that it is for Thomas Nangle.