This Friday, September 7th, the City of St. John’s and Pyramid Construction will complete the paving work on Bonaventure Ave at the main entrance of the school. To accommodate our drop-off and pick-up the work will be completed from 9:15am-2:30pm.
Between 9:15am-2:30pm there will be no access to our parking lot. Any visitors to the school are asked to park on Mullock Street. Please note: Mullock Street is a one-way street and cannot be entered from Bonaventure Ave. Entrance on to our parking lot should never be made via Mullock Street as our parking lot is one-way and this is the exit for the school.
We would kindly ask that students not be picked up for lunch on this day in order to avoid traffic congestion on Mullock Street. Gr. 7-12 students given permission to go off campus at lunch by foot may still do so, though they will be asked to exit the campus at the Mullock Street exit and avoid the area of Bonaventure Ave where the work is being conducted. Students that drive to school are asked not to take their cars off campus as they will not be able to re-enter the parking lot.
Emergency vehicles will still have access to our parking lot if required.
We would like to thank the City of St. John’s and Pyramid Construction for the work they have done, and for accommodating us as we begin a new school year.
Thank you in advance for your cooperation with this matter.