Shaun was born and raised in St. John’s. He was educated at St. Bonaventure’s College and went on to graduate from Acadia University with a Bachelor of Business Administration degree.

Shaun, along with his wife, incorporated their first company in 2005, just a month after graduating university. Shaun is currently president of a group of companies which employs over 450 individuals in this province and his wife’s native Nova Scotia.

Shaun and wife Melanie currently have three children attending St. Bonaventure’s, Emily (Grade 5), Alana (Grade 3), Jack (Kindergarten), and one younger girl, Sierra (aged 2).

Shaun has been very active in the sports community his entire life. He continues to find time to skate 4-5 times a week and will be rowing in this years Royal St. John’s Regatta. His love of sports is also witnessed through the many different teams and events throughout the province that his companies sponsor each year.

Shaun serves on several national advisory councils and marketing boards, and through his experience building a successful business from the ground up and maintaining a strong commitment to his young family, brings a very high level of energy, a vision for success and an ability to get things done.