Over the Easter Break, Ms. Gabriell Martin led eight students – Liam G, Evan H, Michael P, Sam A, Aaron G, Ashley S, Anna J and Sarah C – on an immersion trip to El Salvador. See Ms. Martin’s reflection on this amazing opportunity below:

On March 23rd, I along with eight adventurous and dedicated grade 11 students, departed for El Salvador. This amazing opportunity was brought to us through a partnership with St. Paul’s Jesuit High School and St. Boniface Diocesan School in Winnipeg. We were welcomed into the tiny community of El Faro with the words “Welcome to you all, this is your home” from the president of the community’s council. During our time in El Faro we were treated as honoured guests; really more as family. We participated in a community project designed to repair a section of road prone to washing out in the rainy season. Funds for the project were provided through fundraising efforts at all three schools. The expertise and knowledge necessary to complete the project was provided by the community members, while we were able to contribute by speeding up a great deal of the heavy lifting. We spent our week moving large rocks into position so that they could be used in the road. Despite its many economic and political challenges, El Salvador is a country of tremendous beauty, faith, and generosity. The people we met welcomed us openly into their homes and their hearts. We are most grateful for and humbled by this opportunity. It was a truly remarkable and life changing experience for us all.

-Ms. Gabrielle Martin