On Tuesday, March 20, 2018, the top five or six finalists from each class of 7-12 students presented their self-constructed speeches to a panel of judges. The presentations were delivered with enthusiasm and passion, wowing our judges. Thank you to all who volunteered their time to judge that evening – many of whom are alumni! Congratulations to all students. We are pleased to announce the following placings:

Grade 7 – 1:

Gold: Cecelia Martino for “Locked Up: Why Prisons Don’t Work”

Silver: Matthew McCarthy for “Grandma, Sit Down! In The Back Seat”

Bronze: Soo Cho for “Are Aliens Real?”

Grade 7 – 2:

Gold: Lena Jurik for “Flee to Hope: The Refugee Crisis in Canada”

Silver: Kiera Fitzpatrick-Moran for “Redefining Beauty”

Bronze : Aliff Ahmad for ” Boost or Air?”

Grade 8-1:

Gold: Ashlyn Miller for “Wrath of Processed Foods”

Silver: Alicia Mason-Quinton for “Note to Self”

Bronze: Wura Alabi for “What is Beauty?”

Grade 8-2:

Gold: Alana Gale for “Never Again”

Silver: Owen Wright for “The Olympics in St. John’s”

Bronze: Bridget Murphy Down for ” Why Donald Trump Should Not Be President”

Grade 9:

Gold: Olivia Jones for “Why Anti-bullying Day Is Ineffective”

Silver: Matthew Whelan for “Climate Change”

Bronze: Liam Bennett for “Revolutionizing Death”

Grade 10:

Gold: Maggie McCarthy for “A Life Worth Living”

Silver: Valeia Parris for “Why Aren’t We Taught Self Love?”

Bronze: Jessica Casey for “Perfection By Proxy”

Grade 11:

Gold: Ashley Stringer for “Ignite Your Fire”

Silver: Sarah Lewis for “Failure, The Key To Success”

Bronze: Anna James for “The Present Is Female”

Grade 12:

Gold: Ami Ajadi for “My School Experiences As A Young Black Male”

Silver: Rachel Howells for “The Witch Hunt That Never Was”

Bronze: Gabrielle Newman for “The Marginalization and Assault on Aboriginals in Canada”