Our Grades 5 – 8 students showcased some amazing science experiments and research projects at today’s Science Fair. The hard work and hands-on learning experienced by each student was clear, making it hard for our many volunteer judges to narrow down the winners!

A big thank you to Science Fair Coordinator Mrs. Carolyn Windsor for organizing an amazing day of science. Students not only exhibited their work, but were able to participate in many hands-on science activities – including thermochemistry, microbiology and more – led by our senior students. Thanks to all students and science teachers for their participation, our judges and the Parents’ Auxiliary for providing lunch for our volunteers.

A special congratulations to the students who placed in their class:

Grade 5 Murray:

1st Place – Lillian Carter, “Heat It Up!”

2nd Place – Jane Hynes, “Watts Up With Nuclear Energy?”

3rd Place – Olivia Massey, “Galileo Marble Tracks”

Honorable Mention – Landen Walsh, “Friction Down, Kinetic Energy Up”

Grade 6 Bruce:

1st Place – Lucy Philpott, “Shapes That Fly”

2nd Place – Megan Murphy, “Which Angle Is Better?”

3rd Place – Jacob Haeberle, “What Makes Paper Airplanes Fly?”

Honorable Mention – Griffin McGrath, “Bending Boomerangs”

Honorable Mention – Olivia Carew and Veronica Cura, “Up! Up! And Away! Bernoulli’s Principle”

Grade 6 Smith:

1st Place – Olivia Shik, “Sling Into Flight”

2nd Place – Morgan Hull, “The ‘Ultimate’ Frisbee Project”

3rd Place – Annaay Antony, “Oh, Hemisphere, Don’t Be Such A Drag!”

Honorable Mention – Patrick Quinlan, “It’s Hover Time”

Honorable Mention – Elle Sullivan and Eva Sullivan, “The Fastest Tail”

Grade 7 Windsor:

1st Place – Henley Mullins, “Rockets Are Such A Drag!”

2nd Place – Kiera Fitzpatrick-Moran, “Bath Bombs: Sudsy Science”

3rd Place – Jacob Chislett and Julia Chislett, “Running On Ketones”

Honorable Mention – Veronica Sawyer, “Wind Speed – It Will Blow You Away!”

Grade 7 Parab:

1st Place – Cecelia Martino, “Behaviour Change Ahead”

2nd Place – Brayden McGrath, “A Cup Of Sea Water”

3rd Place – Ava Bishop and Izabella O’Leary, “Think Before You Drink”

Honorable Mention – Finlay Stephen, “The Infinity Mirror”

Grade 8 Glynn:

1st Place – Bridget Murphy Down, “Heavy Metal”

2nd Place – Alana Gale and Gabby Roche, “Concussion! The Silent Epidemic”

3rd Place – Rogan Betts, “Zapped! The Effect Of Microwave Radiation On Living Organisms”

Honorable Mention – Jacob Templeton, “Flight Of Flu”

Grade 8 Peters:

1st Place – Ashlyn Miller, “Go With The Flow”

2nd Place – Max Baker Pike and Oliver Philpott, “Safety First”

3rd Place – Alicia Mason-Quinton, “Chemical Free Alternatives To Bread Preservatives”

Honorable Mention – Bridget Clarke, “Smoking 101”

Honorable Mention – Ava Rose Smith, “Should Of Put A Bag On It!”

School-wide Awards:

Best of Fair in Physical Sciences – Ashlyn Miller, “Go With The Flow”

Best of Fair in Environmental Sciences – Ava Bishop and Izabella O’Leary, “Think Before You Drink”

Best of Fair in Life Sciences – Cecelia Martino, “Behaviour Change Ahead”