On Friday, February 2, 2018 we held our Annual Spelling Bee. The winners from the Grades 4-8 Class Bees competed for the top two spots. We are pleased to announce that Grade 8 students Ashlyn Miller and Liam French have won this year’s Spelling Bee and will attend the Regional Spelling Bee this spring for a chance to compete at the Scripp’s Spelling Bee in Washington, D.C.! Congratulations to all of our participants – a fantastic job done by all. See below for the full list of Class Spelling Bee winners.

Grade 4F: Sophia Rendell and Luke Haeberle

Grade 4C: Romeo Wells and Addison Lee

Grade 5M: Breelyn Miller and Clare French

Grade 6S: Annaay Antony and Luci Thoms

Grade 6B: Olivia Carew and Griffin McGrath

Grade 7P: Alex Collingwood and Ava Bishop

Grade 7W: Kiera Fitzpatrick-Moran and Jasmine Bridger

Grade 8G: Liam French and Ella Parsons

Grade 8P: Wura Alabi and Ashlyn Miller