After a successful Heritage Fair for the Grades 4-6 students, led and organized by Ms. Eileen Pardy, the winners have been announced. Thank you to all the judges who volunteered their time, the Parents’ Auxiliary for proving refreshments for the volunteers and the Grades 4-6 teachers for all of their work in helping the students prepare.

All students presented fantastic projects. A special congratulations to the following:

Grade 4 – Ms. Culleton: Stella Bishop (Honourable Mention), Sylvia Howell (Honourable Mention), Addison Lee (Bronze), William Trainor (Silver) and Ethan Geldenhuys (Gold)

Grade 4 – Ms. Follett: Ugbana Oyet (Honourable Mention), Ava Seymour (Honourable Mention), Andrew Pearcey (Bronze), Ian Moyse (Silver), and Emma Donovan (Gold)

Grade 5 – Mr. Murray: Claire Goodyear (Honourable Mention), Breelyn Miller (Honourable Mention), Sophia Butler (Bronze), Michael Collins (Silver), Anna-Maria Pawlinska (Gold)

Grade 6 – Ms. Smith: Anakin Noordhof (Honourable Mention), Luci Thoms (Honourable Mention), Jake Parsons (Bronze), Mirabelle Smith (Silver) and Cecelia Hollett (Gold)

Grade 6 – Ms. Bruce: Elizabeth Rowe-Baggs (Honourable Mention), Joshua Newman (Honourable Mention), Lucy Philpott (Bronze), Olivia Carew (Silver) and Griffin McGrath (Gold)

The following students will be bringing their project to the Regional Heritage Fair in the new year after being named the over all winners of the fair:  Griffin McGrath, Ethan Geldenhuys, and Anna-Maria Pawlinska. Olivia Carew, Michael Collins and Ian Moyse received honourable mentions and will attend the Regional Fair if one of the winners is not able to attend.