A touching tribute to those 51 St. Bon’s heroes lost in battle during the First World War, this year’s “Fallen 51” Dinner was a sold out success. Held at the Crow’s Nest Officers’ Club, guests enjoyed a champagne reception, a delicious dinner and were treated to some enlightening speakers. Ms. Rachel Howells ’18 spoke as a student who walks through the same halls as those 51 men. She artfully captured the significance of the sacrifice made by the “Fallen 51” for today’s St. Bon’s students. The evening’s guest of honour, author Mr. Anthony McAllister, CD, gave life to the men who fought at the Battle of Monchy-le-Preux, allowing the guests to walk in the boots of our heroes. He read excerpts from his book, The Greatest Gallantry, and was even able to sign copies for many guests. Thank you to the St. Bon’s Alumni Committee for putting together such a successful event, especially to Mr. Gary Walsh ’66, President of the Crow’s Nest Officer’s Club.