Easter is a time for renewal.  We are invited to give alms, to pray for others or to fast.  I believe that even more than specific actions or thoughts or prayers, what Jesus wants is very simple – He wants us to open our hearts to His love, then open our hands to do His will, and most of all, Be Not Afraid.”  If we do these things we can imitate the Apostles, who were changed from confused to courageous, from fearful to filled with the Good News of love and salvation.

Our faculty and staff work hard each day in order to ingrain in our students the important values so obvious in our alumni.  I see these values each day, being carefully and lovingly nurtured.  We are asking for your support so that we can continue this work.

You are special to us, the alumni, friends and benefactors whose prayers and sacrificial gifts sustain us and fund us. We rejoice in your generosity and thank God every day for your support. Won’t you help us once again?

You can donate to St. Bonaventure’s College online here or download our 2017 Easter Appeal brochure here and mail your donation to:

St. Bonaventure’s College

2A Bonaventure Ave

St. John’s, NL A1C 6B3