Dear Friends,

Christmas is a time of giving and receiving, and, as members of a community that gives generously and receives gratefully, this time of year allows us to reflect on this kindness.

This year Hayley Barrett ’17 drew “Heralding Our Messiah,” for our 2016 Christmas card.  In this beautiful depiction of the heralding of God’s generosity in becoming human like us, we are reminded of the incredible transformative power of God, at work in our daily lives.  These transformative powers are also alive in the work our teachers and staff do each day in helping to form our students into “Men and Women for and with Others.”  At St. Bon’s we care for each other and we strive to seek the magis, the greater, always in the context of what is for the greater glory of God.

It has always been a calling of Jesuit institutions around the world, to serve the disadvantaged and marginalized.  You inspire me everyday as a wonderful community dedicated to this effort. In the article which follows you will see concrete examples of our students answer this call to serve others.

During this holiday season, I hope that you will take time to celebrate the accomplishments, traditions and commitments we share.  Thank you for your prayers and your financial support.

May these holy days, and every day, be filled with peace and joy for you and your loved ones.

God Bless,

Tom McGrath


“Hearlding Our Messiah” by Hayley Barrett ’17