Last week I had the wonderful opportunity to attend a Mission Formation Cohort in Kansas City planned and implemented by the Jesuit Schools Network. Throughout the week, I thoroughly enjoyed meeting and engaging in meaningful conversations with fellow educators who were from various geographical locations throughout North America. As I quickly learned, although we are geographically isolated we are deeply involved in the Jesuit Mission within our school.

During the three days spent in the Saviour Pastoral Center I learned about professional, personal, and spiritual mission of Jesuit Schools. We discussed ideas, challenges that we face, and how we can improve. This was an experience which gave me the opportunity to develop a deeper understanding of our school and the global perspective that we are so lucky to be a part of.

I hope I can bring back some wisdom and insight to fellow staff, parents, and alumni of our school to deeper our involvement in the Jesuit Mission through spiritual exercises, retreats and global initiatives. We as a community need to become intentional in our mission and create a culture. For instance, if someone asks “why?” our response needs to become, “because we are a Jesuit school”, or “because this is how we role.” As conversations and ideas flowed and the week came to an end, I can say with confidence that our school is carrying out the Jesuit Mission and in many ways we are ahead in our thinking and practices because of the hard work and dedication that our staff puts forth everyday.