This summer has seen considerable work completed in our buildings and on campus to improve these places for our students to study and play.  Here are some of the highlights:

  • Completed Phase 3 work on the campus entrance and signage.
  • Retaining wall at Holland Hall.
  • Glass block was replaced with panels in Holland Hall.
  • Boys washrooms in Holland Hall were renovated.
  • New fixtures were installed in the girls’ washroom in Holland Hall.
  • First level of staircase in Mullock Hall was restored.
  • Gymnasium was painted, new lines were reappointed.
  • New sports logo was added to the gym floor.
  • Some classrooms and some hallways were painted.
  • 104 feet of school fence was replaced.
  • The Chemistry/Physics lab floor was replaced.
  • A canopy was installed near the fire exit escape.
  • The parking lot was finished with speed bumps, lines and a roped walkway.

These projects were all made possible from the proceeds raised at the 2015 Fall Gala and 2016 Lottery. Thank you to everyone that has made these projects possible.

New Retaining Wall

Staircase Restored

Entrance Upgrade