This past summer Grade 12 student Jane Hutchings ’17 had the opportunity to attend SHAD at the University of British Columbia (UBC). Each year, SHAD provides the opportunity for 600+ students from across Canada and internationally to attend a month-long summer program, in-residence at one of their Canadian host universities, focused on STEM (science, technology, engineering & math). Jane wrote about her experience which you can read below.

My Experience at SHAD by Jane Hutchings ’17

Jane Hutchings ’17 along with other SHADS at UBC’s research lab

Over the summer I had the privilege to attend SHAD at the University of British Columbia for an intensive month of science, technology, mathematics, engineering and entrepreneurship. While there I conducted experiments at the UBC’s research lab for modified proteins. I was also able to sit in on lectures from some of Canada’s best and brightest entrepreneurs from the V.P of Disney to recent SHAD alumni. I built life long friendships with teenagers from across Canada as they inspired me to reach my full potential. I was lucky to have the opportunity to develop a company to help solve the issue of food insecurity in Canada. My house group project is called helpfeed. More information can be found at Our group is fortunate to be chosen to compete at SHAD cup at Ryerson this upcoming October representing SHAD UBC. I encourage fellow students to engage in such a transformational month that will inspire your future in years to come.