On Saturday, August 27, parents, students, alumni and staff came together to help St. Bonaventure’s College get ready for the first day of school. Thanks to our volunteers we were able to complete a number of projects around the school that would have otherwise not been possible. They include:

Holland Hall

  • Painting of cafeteria
  • Lockers cleaned and painted inside and front
  • East stairs, lower walls cleaned and painted, and stair risers painted
  • West stairs, risers washed and painted
  • 2nd floor boys and girls washrooms cleaned, light fixtures cleaned and locker tops cleaned
  • Exterior hand railing painted

Mullock Hall

  • 1st floor girls and boys washrooms painted
  • Lockers located by cafeteria cleaned and painted
  • Main stairs, landings and fire escape swept and washed
  • Exterior glass cleaned
  • Classroom desks and chairs washed and dusting completed


  • Soccer field and surrounding area grass cut
  • Parking lot and track including grottos swept
  • Compost bin constructed
  • Rosary stepping stones cleaned

When the school re-opened, it was the work of volunteers who prepared the building for school opening and it was great to see so many people come out to continue this tradition. A big thank you to everyone who gave their time on Saturday to make sure the school is ready for our students on September 6th. Also a special thanks to 3rd Annual Volunteer Service Day coordinator Ms. Krista Cardwell & Facilities Director Mr. Jim Haley for organizing the day.