On Tuesday, June 23 St. Bonaventure’s College held its Grade 1- 6 Award Ceremony. The ceremony began with the singing of O Canada led by Wura Alabi, followed by a prayer given by Barbara Kate Cavell. The event concluded with Leah Murphy leading everyone in the School Song, On The Hill, followed by Ben Tehrani with the Ode to Newfoundland

The emcee for this ceremony, was Ms. Jaline Rowsell (Dean) and Ms. Barbara Mason, (Chair of the Board of Governors), Nancy Healey (Vice-Chair of the Board of Governors) and Ms. Annette Mallay (Assistant Principal) presented the students with their Academic Awards.

There was also a number of Special Awards for Elementary. The awards and recipients are below:

Beginning Band Book Awards

 Anakin Noordhof

Bridget Prior

Elementary Music Award for Band

Cecilia Martino

Elementary Music Award for Choral

Ben Tehrani

Elizabeth Ormsby

Hockey Canada Skills Academy On-Ice Skill Achievement Award

Izabella O’Leary

Ronan Whitten

Elementary Awards for Athletic Achievement

Sam Power

Sarah Whyte

Elementary Award for Dedication to Environmental Awareness and Recycling

 Molly Ann Smith

Charlie Bennett

Kathleen Walsh

Elementary Award for Achievement in Academics and Involvement in School Activities

Kathleen Anderson

St. Ignatius of Loyola Elementary Award for Service to Others

Leah Murphy