Sport’s Day Today…

As part of our 160th Anniversary celebrations, the Traditional Sports Day is returning to St. Bon’s!

On Wednesday, June 1st there will be marching, food, games and at the end of the day there will be names added to the prestigious list of Victor Ludorum* winners, including for the first time a House Victor Ludorum

To accommodate all of the events to determine the Victor Ludorums, there will be a preliminary events day held on Tuesday, May 24 at Pearl Gate Track and Field in Mt. Pearl. The Grades 7-12 events will take place at Pearl Gate from 9am-12pm, and the Grade 3-6 events will take place from 1pm-4pm. **Parents: for more information on this day please see email sent from the Principal’s Office.

Parents, alumni and friends are welcomed to cheer on our students on June 1st.

And Yesterday.

* Victor Ludorum is Latin for “the winner of the games.” It is usually a trophy presented to the most successful team, club, or competitor at a sports event. It is common at rowing regattas and was traditional at some British state and public school sports days.