We held our annual Pink Shirt Day assembly on February 24, 2016.During the assembly, Grade 12 students Laura Prior and Liam Lewis spoke about their experience with bullying at St. Bon’s. Below is their speech.

I’ve (Laura) been at St. Bon’s since Kindergarten, and have had a very positive experience. I can speak honestly when I say I’ve never been bullied. At St. Bon’s there can be a focus on academics because we aren’t concerned with the torments of other students. There is no stigma around the questions asked or the way people learn.

In my time here I’ve felt comfortable enough to apologize to students and teachers, and in turn I’ve received apologies from both. I think this is so important.

I’ve (Liam) been at St. Bon’s since Grade 2. Through the years this school has helped me grow as a person, thinker and a citizen of the world. Each day I walk into Mullock Hall with no thought of being harassed, abused or judged. This is a place of free expression without the shackles of judgement. Instead, I think about what I am going to learn, do, dream. This place is safe.

But this place is not a utopia; cliques, minor bullying and popularity hide behind the surface of the school. If you look hard enough you will see little cracks in the surface. However, the colours of friendship, safety and a warm environment mend the cracks.

We don’t say these things to discourage, but because it would be irresponsible not to recognize these afflictions. If one person suffers, our work isn’t done.