During the season of Lent we are all called to fast, to pray, and to give alms. As a school community we usually take on some form of communal giving to a group or organization in our midst. St. Pius X Parish, in partnership with St. Bon’s, is sponsoring a Syrian family – a husband & wife with two young boys, 5 months and 20 months old. This year we are asking our students and families to take part in two different initiatives two help support this family: 

Toy Drive – During the week of March 7-11 we will be holding a toy drive for new or gently used toys to help provide these two boys with toys for their new home, since they were unable to bring any with them on their journey to St. John’s. St. Pius X has pledged that after giving the family the toys that they need, they will pass on extra toys to the Association for New Canadians so they can be donated to other refugee families. 

The Chore Challenge For Clothes – We are asking each student of St. Bon’s to make sure to complete one chore at home during the season of Lent. We ask that parents give their child 25 cents for the chore, with the hoping being that each child will earn $10 to donate to the family so that they can purchase new clothing. We will be collecting the donations from this initiative during Holy Week, March 21-24. 

We thank each our families in advance for the generosity that will allow this new Canadian family to start feeling at home in our beautiful province. Blessings to you all on a holy Lenten season. 

If you have any questions regarding this initiative please contact Mr. Brad Glynn at bglynn@stbons.ca