Let me introduce myself. My name is Frankie the Phoenix, and I LOVE to read. I love reading so much that I want to pass it on to my friends at St. Bon’s. To help do this, I have created Frankie’s Book Challenge for Kindergarten and Grade 1 students.

The book challenge involves the students reading their baggie books. There are 3 challenges for the students to complete. Each time the students complete a challenge, their teacher will give them a Frankie sticker and a prize. When the 3 challenges are complete, each student will have read 30 books. They will be reading superstars!

I met with the students today to launch Frankie’s Book Challenge, and everyone was very excited. Brother Joe also came to the launch to read a book to the students.

I hope everyone has as much fun reading as I do.

Happy Reading!


Frankie the Phoenix


Frankie’s Book Challenge