Who We Are

The St. Bonaventure’s College Parent Auxiliary (PA) is comprised of elected parent volunteers (who serve as class representatives and members at large) as well as members of the administration and teaching staff. A four member executive is also elected during the PA’s Annual General Meeting/Election held in October. The PA usually meets monthly on a Tuesday evening to discuss issues and plan events.


President – Maria Goodridge

Vice-President – Amy Bishop

Secretary –  Alison Drover (In Training: Nadia Chalton)

Treasurer – Donna Mahoney

Special Events Director –  Melissa Jurik


Ms. Pardy’s Class – Katrina Kum & Deborah Biddiscombe

Ms. Prior’s Class –  Cindy Fontaine

Ms. Batson’s Class – Sherrie Komiak

Ms. Coffin’s Class – Gina Billard

Ms. Spurvey’s Class – Nadia Chalton

Ms. Anderson’s Class – Catherine Howell

Ms. Rowsell’s Class – Carey Majid

Mr. Bartlett’s Class – Jennifer Shik

Ms. Follett’s Class – Paulette Coady

Mr. Murray’s Class – Nancy McGrath

Ms. Whalen’s Class – Deanne Smith

Ms. Barrett’s Class – Angela Moyse

Mr. Parab’s Class – Doug Bennett

Ms. Power’s Class – Marie Hamilton & Faviola Sanabria

Ms. Hull’s Class – Donna Mahoney

Mr. Peter’s Class – Donna Mahoney

Mr. Connor’s Class – Janet Howells

Ms. Martin’s Class – Kristann Templeton

Ms. Martino’s Class – Doug Bennett and Janet Howells


Jennifer Edison

Angela Guptil

Lisa Crane

Jennifer Colford

What We Do

Enhancing school spirit and culture:

Opening Day reception

Sports Day

Luncheons following Heritage and Science Fairs

Remembrance Day post-ceremony reception

Christmas Craft and Bake Sale

Breakfast with Santa

Pancake Supper

Mother’s Day luncheon


Fundraisers include: Sports Day; Christmas Craft and Bake Sale, monthly Jeans Day collections, Christmas Raffles, Mabel’s Labels. The fundraising role of the PA has evolved to ensure sufficient funds are available for the events mentioned above. As well, the PA contributes within its financial capacity to program and curriculum needs as identified by the teachers and administration.

Facilitating Communication

Together, the network of class representatives, at large representatives and the PA’s executive have important roles to play in facilitating effective communication within the school community. The President of the PA also has a seat on the school’s Management Council. This two-way direct communication network ensures that school information is delivered to all parents/guardians.