St. Bonaventure’s College is committed to fostering personal responsibility and social justice. To that end, the School strives to ensure that all qualified applicants who are accepted can attend regardless of their ability to pay tuition. Further, St. Bonaventure’s College strives to balance offering affordable tuition while providing excellence in education.

St. Bon’s assesses an annual tuition, which contributes to the day-to-day operation of the school including energy costs, basic maintenance and building upkeep, technology upgrades, curriculum and other related costs.


Tuition for the current 2015-16 academic year is set at $8,400. This cost can vary for families based on the number of children registered at the school.

1stChild 2nd Chld 3rd Child 4th Child 5+ Child
$8,400 $8,400 $4,200 $4,200 $0

The cost of educating a student at St. Bonaventure’s College is $9,022 per year. This cost is provided for by a combination of tuition paid, various fundraising efforts & donations from members of the St. Bon’s community. Tuition is set, traditionally, in mid-December, by our Board of Governors for the upcoming school year. Employer-paid tuition and International students are charged a rate of $12,500 per child.

There are three payment options for tuition:

  1. Prompt Payment ($1,000 tuition deposit with the balance due on June 1);
  2. Split Payment ($1,000 tuition deposit with half the balance on June 1 & half on Oct 1)
  3. Deferred Payment ($1,000 tuition deposit with balance due in monthly instalments June 1 to March 1)

Financial Aid

Partial bursaries are available to any student, based on financial need, as determined by our Bursary Committee. The bursary application process begins after the school has accepted a student. St. Bon’s does not offer entrance scholarships; bursaries exist only to meet the needs of families who demonstrate a financial need. The bursary program is funded exclusively through donations and from the proceeds raised by the Ignatian Spirit Award Tribute Dinner.

Our Bursary Committee reviews all bursary applications and all information provided to St. Bonaventure’s College is kept in the strictest confidence. For additional information, contact Kim Stagg at (709)726-0024 ext 202 or

Tax Deductions

A portion of our tuition is considered a religious charitable donation according to Canada Revenue Agency guidelines. The exact amount of the donation receipt varies from year to year based on the audited financial statements from the previous year. For the 2014 tax year, this amount was 15% and it will be re-evaluated on an annual basis. Your first receipt will be dated December 31 of the calendar year in which your child completes their first year. Your final receipt will be dated December 31 of the year in which your child graduates. Please contact our Accountant, Kim Stagg, at (709) 726-0024 ext 202 if further clarification is required.

Furthermore, a portion of our tuition is considered a child care expense under Canada Revenue Agency guidelines. For the 2014 year, this amount was 24% of the portion paid and will also be re-evaluated annually.