Administration and Other Staff

Mr. Tom McGrath, President

Dr. Greg O’Leary, Principal

Ms. Annette Mallay, Assistant Principal

Ms. Jaline Rowsell, Dean

Mr. David Martino, Director of Campus Ministry

Ms. Joanne Morgan, Guidance Counsellor

Ms. Carol Noseworthy, Administrative Assistant/Admissions Officer

Ms. Krista Cardwell, Director of Advancement/Executive Assistant

Ms. Kim Stagg, Accountant

Ms. Melissa Follett, Stakeholder Engagement Assistant

Ms. Jessica Whalen ’04, Alumni Relations Assistant

Mr. Jim Haley, Maintenance Supervisor

Mr. Ryan Hayward ’04, IT Support

Holland Hall Teachers

Kindergarten – Ms. Colette Prior

Kindergarten – Ms. Eileen Pardy

Grade 1 – Ms. Kathy Coffin

Grade 1 – Ms. Hilary Goodridge

Grade 2 – Ms. Jennifer Spurvey

Grade 2 – Ms. Allison Anderson

Grade 3 – Ms. Jaline Rowsell

Grade 3- Mr. Eddie Bartlet

Grade 4 – Ms. Melissa Follett

Grade 5 – Ms. Sharon Culleton

Grade 5 – Mr. Paul Murray

Grade 6 – Ms. Jessica Whalen ’04

Ms. Brenda Gatherall, Music

Ms. Kim Devison, Phys. Ed

Ms. Heather Carroll ’10, Science/French/Social Studies (Gr. 3, 4 & 6)

Mullock Hall Teachers

Grade 7 – Mr. Milan Parab, English

Grade 7 – Ms Carolyn Windsor, Science

Grade 8 – Mr. Chris Peters, Social Studies

Grade 9 – Ms. Kim Hull, Math

Grade 10 – Ms. Hilary Walsh, English/Religion

Grade 11 – Mr. Tommy Connors, Athletic Director

Grade 12 – Ms. Gabrielle Martin, Math

Mr. David Martino, Gr 11 & 12 English

Ms. Vincenza Etchegary, Band

Mr. Kevin Toope, Chemistry

Fr. Joseph Schuck, S.J., Physics

Mr. Michel Genest, French

Ms. Susan Quinn Choral Director

Dr. Greg O’Leary, Gr. 12 Philosophy

Ms. Annette Mallay, Gr. 8 Religion


Cyril Greeley

Bob Watson

Robert Tucker

Mary Tucker

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